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A Coder and a Hacker. Do you know the Difference?

People often feel intrigued when they hear the word ‘hacker’ and ‘coder’. Some people even interchange the word, using one for the other. We’ll find out below, the difference between a coder and a hacker, so that when next you’re trying to use the word, you won’t interchange or misuse both words.

1. A coder is someone who can solve problems by manipulating computer codes. They can have wide range of skills lie, web development, software development, how to make software work

A hacker is someone who has the knowledge of coding and hacking. They can have wide range of skills levels like networking, database, security cracking, system hacking and changing system working functions

2. A coder can write code, solve problems and make a software or system work by manipulating computer code

A hacker can hack your system without permission, can create, and can exploit vulnerabilities on a system or network

3. Many coders are not creative enough to be considered hackers, caffeine is the secret of coders energy

All hackers are creative coders with next level of hacking skills. People privacy is the secret of hackers energy

There you have it! Now that you know the difference between a coder and a hacker, what do you think of the two terms, or which would you have interest in pursuing? We’d like to hear your views in the comment section below.



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