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ALS Foundation, DonDada Tech Empower Nigerian Youths with Digital Skills for a Thriving Future

The ALS Foundation is making significant strides towards empowering Nigerian youths with the digital skills required to prepare them for the ever-evolving digital world. The foundation recently held an event at the Bunker in Ibadan, which focused on equipping Nigerian youths with essential digital skills for their personal and professional development.

Mr Denrele, the founder of the ALS Foundation, believes that creating and executing programs that aid education, agriculture, and hunger are the most effective way of achieving positive and lasting change for Nigerian youths. The foundation recognizes the critical role that digital skills play in the development of Nigerian youths, and as such, the event focused on youth empowerment in ICT.

As a business development officer in ICT, Mr Denrele believes that Nigeria has brilliant minds that can provide solutions to various challenges in the digital space. He urged the Nigerian youths to embrace digital skills and use them to change their environment positively. He emphasized that programming is all about the brain and urged the youths to be open-minded and choose a path that aligns with their interests.

Speaking at the event, Mr Lekan Dada, the CEO of DonDada Tech Digital Academy, expressed his joy in impacting knowledge in Nigerian youths. He believes that they are the light bearers of the digital world and should see themselves as fortunate to be guided in their digital journey. Mr Dada stressed that only digitally skilled individuals can survive and thrive in today’s world.

In conclusion, DonDada Tech Academy has been training Nigerian youths in digital skills for over a decade and has been involved in various youth empowerment programs. With the enrollment of 18 lucky youths in various digital courses, the academy is set to equip them with the necessary skills to take on the digital world and create a better future for themselves and Nigeria at large.



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