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Check out These Cool Websites That You Probably Didn’t Know About

1. Gnoosic

Gnoosic is a search engine of sorts that helps you find new music. You simply pick three of your favourite bands/artists and it comes up with recommendations based on your choices. I got Spanky Wilson.

2. Fake name generator

Need a new identity? This website builds you one in seconds. I am now a female Hobbit called Savanna Smallburrow. Hi.

3. What the f— should I make for dinner?

A pertinent question, often asked. Angry quiche, perhaps? If you need some angry food suggestions that are actually quite inspirational, this website is for you.

4. Scribble maps

This site lets you annotate an online map, so you can send your mum instructions on how to get to your new flat, or plan a trip to Leighton Buzzard with your pals.

11. ManualsLib

An online collection of manuals. Ideal for people who habitually thoughtlessly discard them.

6. Mathaway

Need help with your numbers? Mathaway is for you. It’s like an online calculator.

7. Two foods

You’ve got food in the fridge. The packaging has been discarded but you want to watch the calories. Which is the ‘healthier’ option?

This website compares foodstuffs.

Note: we’re not sure why it created a serving size that big for brioche. Nobody should eat a kilogram of brioche in one go.

8. Homestyler

Have you ever played the Sims? Good. This website lets you do the best part of the video game: designing your dream home.

9. Tall tweets

If you feel your thoughts and feelings are worth more than 140 characters, tall tweets takes away builds your very own ‘tweet storm’ by automatically combining multiple messages. Dangerous.

10. 750 words

You might have always wanted to start a diary. Writing is therapeutic, and 750 words helps you get into the habit of jotting some things down every day.



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