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Inspirational A Productivity App to help you organize your work Life

Hi, hope your monday is going on well? Do you ever pick up your phone, become distracted by something on social media, and then put it down without doing the thing you intended to do?

Or maybe constant notifications interrupt your flow. Whatever your productivity killer, there’s an app for it.

Introducing MONDAY.COM

Our top productivity app is — though it isn’t exactly a productivity app. It’s a Work OS, which is a visual, digital interface you can customize to create any product you need for maximum productivity. We use it to manage all of our work: daily task management, project planning, brainstorming, communicating with teams company-wide, file sharing, and more.

Here are a few ways you can use to get more done:

See your workflows, meetings, appointments, and reminders all in one place with integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal. For an additional layer, add time blocks into your calendars so no one disturbs you when you need to get to work.

Plus, also has customizable weekly to-do lists, daily task management collaboration tools, and multiple views , which means you’ll never miss another deadline.

Or, try the Checklist feature, which is perfect for breaking tasks down into smaller action items.Another useful productivity feature is time tracking.Time tracking allows you to how much time you’re spending on each task so you can more effectively manage your time.

And, if you ever waste time scouring your inbox for lost information, has you covered. Its email and messaging integrations allow you to instantly turn emails into action items you can track from inside the platform.

Lastly, don’t waste time switching between open windows or tabs when you need to brainstorm, take notes, or create proposals. monday workdocs—a new building block—allows users to create whatever documents they need from inside the platform.

Plus, you can collaborate with team members and edit your work without disturbing others. Learn more about monday workdocs here.Access all the above and more on the mobile app to stay productive on the go.

Access all the above and more on the mobile app to stay productive on the go. Check out our free version in a 14-day trial.



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