Established in 2009 as a Web Design Firm and soon grew into a full-fledged Digital Agency, providing a full range of services. We have witnessed the Digital Revolution from the very start. Our expertise grew 10-fold in 10 years and so did the list of our satisfied customers.


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Did you Know

What does a website URL contain?

Url stands for uniform resource locator. It is the unique identifier used to locate a resource on the internet, the address of a website on the internet. Just like how you find a house through its address, a website is located thriugh its url.

Parts of a Url

A url consists of five(5) parts which are protocol, subdomain, domain name, top-level domain, and path.

A protocol is the scheme that tells a web browser to encrypt any information entered onto a page, like passwords or credit card information, so cybercriminals can’t access it. The most common protocol is Https which stands for hyper text transfer protocol scheme.

A subdomain in a URL indicates which particular page of a website the web browser should serve up

Domain name shows the name of a website.

Top-level domain specifies the enitity an organization registers as on the internet.

Path is also known as a subfolder, helps people as well as web crawlers understand which particular section of a webpage they’re on.



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